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With over 60 Technicians and as many vehicles, Valley Refrigeration AND Air Conditioning are uniquely positioned to serve all areas of NB and NS. Our technicians are trained equally in both Refrigeration and HVAC and we pride ourselves on providing the best quality of service bar none.


At Valley we take pride in our service. A major component of taking pride in our service is being proactive for our customers to address problems before they arise, and become costly. We offer customized Preventative Maintenance contracts where we will regularly inspect equipment 3 or 4 times a year depending on the customer needs. On each inspection we will perform the necessary maintenance checks and inspections required by this equipment in order to ensure efficient operation and prolong its dependability.


When completed we will work with the customer and advise of any repairs deemed necessary in order to maintain this equipment in proper working order. We will only perform such repairs upon proper authorization from the customer.


As always, we provide emergency 24/7/365 service to all our customers.


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A team of engineers and designers can create the ideal home for you. From simple interior updates to additions, we will deliver.




A team of engineers and designers can create the ideal home for you. From simple interior updates to additions, we will deliver.



Commercial Services
Residential Services

Service Program of 1, 3 and 5 years

• Remove top and front of outdoor unit (check fan motor bearings and remove foreign material)

• Check that electrical connections are tight

• Clean mesh filters - advise if catechin filters need replaced or evaporator and blowersneeds washing

• Check supply and return air temps in heating and then cooling (fan and temp maxed)

• Check running pressure in heating then cooling

• Check outdoor unit amp draw (fan and temp maxed)

• Wash outdoor coil if needed

• Blow out drain, add slime away

• Annual leak check

* Does not cover repairs or replacement of parts.

Will advise homeowners if extra is required.*


Three Year Service plan


Annual Service plan


Five year Service plan


licensed electricians

Valley Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has licensed electricians on their staff to look after their customers’ needs. Our electricians work closely with our installers and service technicians and truly compliment each other’s work and make us the economical choice when choosing a contractor.

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Commercial Services
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