Preventative Maintenance Contracts in Atlantic Canada

At Valley we take pride in our service. A major component of that is being proactive for our customers to address problems before they arise, and become costly. We offer customized Preventative Maintenance contracts where we will regularly inspect equipment 3 or 4 times a year depending on the customer needs. On each inspection we will perform the necessary maintenance checks and inspections required by this equipment in order to ensure efficient operation and prolong its dependability.
When completed we will work with the customer and advise of any repairs deemed necessary in order to maintain this equipment in proper working order. We will only perform such repairs upon proper authorization from the customer.
As always, we provide emergency 24/7/365 service to all our customers

To maintain optimum efficiency and obtain maximum benefits from your heat pump, we recommend a regular maintenance and deep cleaning program be established on your new heat pump.

Regular maintenance should include cleaning the evaporator, checking the drains, pressures and the mechanical and electrical components of your unit. We recommend this part of the maintenance be completed on an annual basis by a trained technician. A good time for this is in the late spring before switching to the Air Conditioning function of your system or in the fall when switching back to Heating. This maintenance will aid in lengthening the life of the components of your system as well as reducing the possibility of costly repairs.

You as a homeowner, are able clean the filters to help maintain your heat pump as well. You should change or clean your filter(s) with the seasons, four times each year.

We are now offering a deep cleaning maintenance package as well. A deep cleaning is recommend to be done every other year. The benefits are:

  • It removes any mold and build up that may occur in the inside head.
  • It increases air flow which keeps it energy efficient and saving you money.
  • It is also giving you better air quality.