Valley Refrigeration also proudly represents Kooljet products.

Through-the-door, through-the-wall, compact cube and hydrocooler models all have proven technology with several features:

From the farm to the largest processors KOOLJET provides a proven resource for many diverse process applications. Industrial and Process chillers and systems with integrated pumping, heat-transfer and recovery, thermal storage, multiple zones of simultaneous heating and cooling are all possible is a cost-effective package.


  • PLC Controls are far more reliable and precise
  • Modern touch-screen interface is easy to use
  • Interleaved circuits for efficiency and redundancy
  • Rapid Defrost Control Mode
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Communicate over BACnet or Modbus
  • Coils designed for low pressure drop
  • Fans are engineered for long throw
  • Humidity Control System options
  • Designed for Effective Air Movement
  • Quick-access panels for cleaning and service
  • 100% factory charged, calibrated and tested