Valley Refrigeration is proud to be serving Atlantic Canada with quality refrigeration, heating and cooling services since 1974.

Our focus is commercial customers for the long term. Our clients have become partners forming relationships over many years, and years to come.

Our customer diversification provides a variety of challenges for our technicians allowing them to develop expertise in many areas of service.


Family focused
At Valley, family comes first. We understand that raising a family, and help providing for one is the reason why you work. At Valley, that comes first.

Low cost of Living
Relative to the rest of Canada, Atlantic Canada provides a lifestyle that is hard to beat. Low cost of real estate, low populations, very little traffic, and lots of room to recreate. We can help you find the lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

Multiple locations
Choose where you want to live. Valley has branches in 8 different areas of the Atlantic Canada. Depending on if you want wilderness, ocean, urban or rural, we have the right fit for you.

Training and Development
We invest in our employees. Our annual budget for training grows each year. Whether is be industry specific or personal growth, we want you to be your best, and we will invest in you to achieve that.

Want to move to another location? Want to learn more about specific equipment? Ask us, we will find a fit.

Competitive Compensation packages
Our compensation packages rival our competitors nationally. Focused on development, the more expertise gained, the better the package.

Relocation services
Our team will help you and your family find the right fit for you if this is a new chapter and you are relocating to Atlantic Canada.

Work Variety
At Valley, you won't be doing the same thing each and every day. Due to the variety of our customer base, you will learn to work on different things at different times. Whether it is a roof top, a heat pump, a walk in cooler, a rack, or a craft beer operation, each and every day provide new opportunities for growth.

Small but Big
Valley provides a family atmosphere to scale. We operate in 8 independent branches with over 90 technicians throughout Atlantic Canada. Our resources are strong and our peers are ready and willing to help with the experience we have gained in the 46+ years in business.

Thinking of Moving to Atlantic Canada to work with us? Find out more about our low cost of living compared to other areas of Canada!

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